Exclusive: New Portland brewery preps its future with a nod to the past (Photos)

Posted by Portland Business Journal

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At some point in the past couple years, Charlie Hyde thought that the name of his new Portland brewery and pub might be Bodega Beer.

But when it came time to commit, Hyde knew that name would never stick. He knew there was another name, confusing as it might be, that would best suit his dream brewing endeavor.

“It’s funny,” Hyde said, “the people who have known me since the beginning of this have always known it was going to be called West Coast Grocery. We thought that maybe people wouldn’t get it, but that’s what I always wanted to name it, so now we’re back to that.”

The name West Coast Grocery hardly elicits hoppy IPAs or coffee stouts, but that’s the name that’s been affixed to Hyde’s brewery and pub, which should open this month at the corner of Southeast Stark and Southeast 14th Avenue in the Luxury Bread Building. The name comes from a wholesale grocery that Hyde’s great-great-grandfather founded in Tacoma, Washington, more than 100 years ago.

The new brewpub, designed by local architect Terry Amundson of Koble Creative, will feature brews from former Laurelwood brewer Jason Balzer as well as pub fare and a chance to gaze over the brewing operations from tables made out of the old building’s original flooring.

An opening date has yet to be set in stone, though it will likely be by mid-June. Until then, check out the gallery of images above for a preview of all that West Coast Grocery has in store for Portland.